How To Pick The Best Desk Chair

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If you work in an office--either at home or outside of your home--you likely spend a good part of your day sitting in a chair. If you figure the average office worker spends 40 hours a week in their chair, that's more than 2,000 hours over the course of a year. In time, that chair can affect your posture and your health if you don't choose a chair that suits your height and the way you work. Whether you're shopping for a new chair or a used office chair, it's important to evaluate any desk chair carefully before purchasing it.

What to look for when choosing a desk chair

While most shoppers simply sit in a desk chair once to decide if it's the right chair for them (or worse, order the chair online), it's a good idea to spend a little time in the chair, simulating the actions you make during the typical work day. Just a few of the things to consider when shopping for a good desk chair include:

1. Lumbar support. All good desk chairs offer some kind of lower back support. You'll also want a chair with some padding, so that you don't get uncomfortable after hours in the chair.

2. Adjustable height. While you don't have to spring for all of the bells and whistles (some desk chairs have 14 or more settings), having an adjustable chair is essential. Since every body is different, you need that feature to make sure that your hands are level with your desk and keyboard, your thighs are horizontal and that your feet touch the ground.

3. A swivel base. You want your chair to allow you to access different parts of your work area without having to continually reach around sideways, an action that can lead to arm and back strain.

4. A breathable fabric. While leather chairs may be attractive, the best desk chairs are made of breathable fabric that allows air to circulate around and beneath the chair and prevents you from getting hot and uncomfortable after hours in the chair.

5. Aesthetics. Lastly, though you don't want this to be your primary consideration, you want a chair that looks inviting and that you'll be happy to have in your office those 2,000 hours over the year. A space-age looking chair, no matter how comfortable, can be a distraction in a traditionally-furnished office. Boss Office Products Inc can offer more information if need be. 

Your desk chair is an important piece of furniture. Unlike a couch or occasional chair at home, your desk chair will get a lot of use. You want to take time to make sure you find the one that's best for you.


2 December 2014

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