Increasing Efficiency And Decreasing Costs - The Benefits Of Transitioning To Managed Network Services

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Owning and operating your own business can be extremely rewarding from both a financial and emotional standpoint. That operation, however, can come with a great many challenges. Most people who open businesses do so because they have expertise in a given field, but the day to day running of a business may be a struggle.

Given the connected nature of the modern economy, your network services are of the utmost importance. If you're currently trying to maintain your own network, you understand the difficulties inherent in doing so. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the benefits of transitioning to managed network services, allowing you to achieve the business success that you deserve.


Choosing managed network services means outsourcing the responsibility for your network equipment and stability and allowing professional network administrators to oversee any problems. This puts you in a much more beneficial position, as you're not forced to try to oversee your IT support services or, even worse, keep track of them yourself.

Managed services guarantee increased stability, as network professionals with years of training will be monitoring your network throughout business hours. You'll also have access to on the ground support for physical technology maintenance, allowing you to avoid downtimes and increase your productivity and profitability.

Cost Certainty

Part of the difficulty in overseeing your own network services is handling all technological upgrades in house. The cost of constantly purchasing new versions of software and replacing worn hardware can be a significant burden and, without diffusing those costs, you can quickly find yourself over budget and heading in a poor financial direction.

Managed network services are typically offered through contracts of a duration that will allow you to rely on your network service for upgrades. This means that you'll have stable costs and be able to project your technology budget more accurately while also guaranteeing that you can stay relevant and have access to the best technological solutions.


Managing your network on site risks losing some of your company's valuable data in the event of a hardware crash or even a relocation to a new office space. While backups are possible, it's more secure to have those backups stored off site and away from a potentially vulnerable network. Choosing a managed service will guarantee that you have constant access to reliable backups of all your company's files, allowing you to resume work immediately in the unfortunate event of a network failure.

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2 December 2014

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