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Whenever you go to the doctor or hospital, each treatment you receive has a separate monetary charge that goes along with the services you receive. A medical coder or medical billing specialist is responsible for translating the notes your doctor and nurses take indicating what kind of medications, surgeries, or other medical related procedures you undergo. All of this is then transmitted to your insurance company to determine what is covered and how much money the patient will owe.

The Importance of Medical Coding

Often, the one thing that determines the success of a hospital or private practice is their billing costs and procedures. The medical coder is responsible for making sure all of the information you receive is coded and entered correctly into the billing system. If you are unsure, you must consult with the doctor or medical facility to get the proper clarification. One mistake in coding a patient's bill can sometimes mean the difference between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in charges.

In order to become a medical billing specialist, you must also get the proper certification and training. This not only includes understanding the data you receive, but also the ability to pay careful attention to data entry and details when entering the information. A solid understanding of the insurance claims process as well as medical terminology is essential. Coders should also have a solid knowledge of how billing can have a profound effect on a facility's profit. You may also need to understand the medical collections process as well.

Duties and Tasks

A medical billing specialist must be well versed in many aspects of the medical billing and insurance billing process. Here are some things that medical coders will accomplish as well as things you must know very well:

  • Understanding up to date insurance laws depending on the state you're entering codes and information for.
  • Working with insurance companies to help translate exactly what part of the bill patients will be responsible for.
  • Ability to read and understand how to code a wide array of medical terms, medications, and treatments.
  • Have the ability to navigate and adapt to the constantly changing world of medical billing and insurance.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and rapport with medical staff as well as patients/customers.
  • Be able to practice collections under the Fair Debt process and be able to effectively garner payments from customers who may be behind on payments.

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15 January 2015

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