Have A Bad Back? 2 Things To Look For When Shopping For A New Mattress

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Approximately 3.1 million Americans suffer from low back pain, and while some of these causes need to be addressed with medical attention, in some cases, a bad back can be immeasurably helped with the right mattress. Consider that you spend roughly eight hours a night sleeping – this means over 2,920 hours of your life a year are spent on one surface. If you have the wrong firmness or mattress top for your back's needs, you can spend a lot of time losing sleep and feeling the ache of chronic back pain. Here are some tips to help you get the right type of mattress the next time you're shopping for a new one.

Firm or Soft?

One of the primary goals of buying a new bed is to finally get a good night's sleep. However, those with back pain need to also ensure that their mattress offers the right kind of support for their back.

Generally speaking, soft mattresses can be luxurious to sleep in, but may also not offer enough support to keep your spine in alignment while you sleep. Then, too, a very hard mattress may not allow enough comfort for the rest of your body even while it helps your back.  

The solution is to either get a bed that allows you to manually adjust the firmness or softness, or find the happy medium with a medium firmness mattress. This allows some lumbar support but also allows your body to be cushioned while you sleep.

Additionally, you need to consider the top of the mattress as well. A thick or pillow-top mattress may allow you to sleep comfortably on a firmer bed that can help support your back.

Coils Count

Mattresses feature springs or coils inside. These are what "give" when you lay down, and these are ultimately the foundation of the support. When looking over a new mattress, consider

  • The number of coils
  • Density and shape of coils
  • Thickness
  • Distribution

Thicker, denser coils typically last longer, but are also extremely firm. Don't just poke on the top of the mattress or lay down on it for a few minutes to determine how well the mattress will hold up. Check the information about the coils to help you understand how sturdy and springy your mattress will be.

Since a mattress is often a fairly pricy investment and since you spend so many hours on it, take the time to get exactly the mattress, from a company like Land Of Sleep, that will help you and your back.


26 January 2015

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