Three Qualities Of An Excellent Moving Company For Your Valuable Items

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Moving antique items is an excruciating process and many people are finding that hiring a moving company is the best way to go. The basic idea is that the professional movers come in, pack up your belongings, put it in a truck, and move it where you need it. There are a lot of people who claim to be fast and affordable, but they don't do a high quality job. If you are looking for an affordable, excellent moving company that will treat your belongings with care, here are three qualities to find.

1. They specialize in moving valuable items.

Antiques, heirlooms, electronics, and fragile pieces require a softer touch that not every company can or will provide. For instance, a plasma television set cannot lie on its back for too long, fine art cannot be sitting in sunlight for extended periods, and some heavy antique pieces of furniture require special preparations before a move. When you are trusting a company with something of high monetary or emotional value, it's important to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. A company that goes above and beyond will unpack these items at the new location so that you, the owner, can inspect them for damage before you accept the item. This ensures that you can have peace of mind about how your valuable items were treated. The movers may even put big, heavy, valuable pieces into their final locations to help reduce the risk of damage even more.

2. Research their ratings.

It's always a good idea to research a moving company before you bring them into your home. Look for reviews that specifically talk about moving valuable items. If a moving company makes a promise on their website or in an ad, look for those particular points. Seeing that they back up their promises makes it easier to trust them to do the job right. Also look for a company that has great customer service and is easy to get in touch with, just in case you have a question or a problem. There are so many sites now that allow you to read other customer's experiences that you don't have to look far. If you want to go a step further, you can even look into their status with a business rating company. This gives you a clear picture on what to expect from different moving companies.

3. They can help you store your stuff.

Sometimes situations arise where there is a gap of time between leaving your home and the arrival at the item's new location. This can be a big problem if you hire a mediocre moving company, because they have no where to put your items. An excellent company will have a temperature controlled storage facility where they can place your things until you are ready for them. If you have to experience this situation, also make sure that you can access your things in case you need something.

Don't trust your moving job to just anyone. Make sure that you get the best possible help you can for a price that is right. Take a look at sites like for more information.


26 January 2015

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