Four Things You May Want To Consider For Building Automation In Your Business

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With modern technology, many of the systems in your business can be automated to reduce costs, be more efficient and improve your business in general. This can be things like automated lights and bathroom fixtures, or things like irrigation systems for landscaping with rain detection. There are some areas of your business that you may not think about when it comes to cost to your business, but improving automation is something that can save you money. Here are four areas where you may want to invest in building automation improvements:

1. Automating Lighting In Non-Essential Areas Of Your Business

There are some areas of your business where you may need to have good lighting, such as work and office areas. Some places like stairwells, bathrooms and hallways, may not need to have lighting all day. These are areas where you can add simple automation to turn lights on when people are using these facilities and turn them off when light is not needed.

2. Improvements To Plumbing Fixtures  

Plumbing can also be automated with things like motion detectors. The toilets and sinks in bathrooms can be automated, which will not only reduce waste, but also make these areas of your business cleaner and more sanitary. These are areas of businesses that often are overlooked, but with a little automation here, you will be able to save a lot of energy and reduce costs.

3. Using Automated Controls To Reduce The Cost Of Landscaping Irrigation

If your business has landscape irrigation, these systems often just use a timer to turn the irrigation on for watering plants. This can be improved with newer automation systems that include rain detection, which will prevent waste of water when plants do not need irrigation. It can also help your landscaping plants to be healthier; they'll get the water they need and never be over-watered.

4. Automated HVAC And Mechanical Controls

HVAC systems can also be a source of a lot of waste for businesses. There are automated controls that can be installed in your business, to reduce the amount of energy you use for heating and cooling. This can be things like zoned areas, which reduce the amount of heating and cooling that is used for areas that are non-essential.  They can also adjust these systems according to the outside climate for optimal performance and energy savings.

These are some building automation improvements that can help reduce costs for your business. If you want to make some of these improvements, contact a building automation service (such as Control Depot Inc) and ask them about installing some of these systems for your business.


28 January 2015

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