Four Ways To Keep Up With Snow Removal

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According to U.S. Climate Data, if you live in the New England states, you get an estimated 44 inches of snow a year. That's a lot of snow to have to think about, especially if you are a homeowner or business owner who has to remove all that snow yourself. If you need to find an effective way to keep up with your snow removal, here are four ways to do it.

Bobcat Rentals - This piece of equipment is perfect for snow removal. Even though it is small, compact and easy to maneuver, it is a very powerful machine. Bobcats can easily remove heavy snow along with slush and hard ice. Whether you are clearing a sidewalk, driveway or a large parking lot, Bobcat rentals are the perfect option. Bobcats come with a variety of attachments for all your snow removal needs including pushing, plowing, sweeping or blowing snow.

Purchase an Attachable Snow Plow - If you own a pickup truck or a sport utility vehicle (SUV), you might want to consider purchasing a snow plow you can attach to your vehicle. Besides purchasing the attachable snow plow, you will also have to buy a front hitch receiver. If you live in New England or any other part of the country that gets plenty of snow, purchasing your own snow plow is a great investment. Many snow plows can be used on lightweight pickup trucks and SUVs and can be installed yourself. They can also be controlled via remote control.

Buy a Snow Blower - Many people who need to remove snow all throughout the winter opt to buy a snow blower. One advantage to getting a snow blower is they are easy to store away in the garage or tool shed. For areas that receive a lot of snow, it is recommended to get a gas-powered snow blower because they have more power. Snow blowers come as either single stage or two stage. If you want a snow blower that does well with wet, heavy snow and need something to clear over six inches of snow, you will want to opt for a two-stage snow blower.

Shoveling - If you are someone who is not mechanically inclined and would rather not operate a piece of equipment to remove snow, you can always do it the good old fashioned way - with a shovel. Although this method takes much longer and can by physically taxing, it can be just as effective as the other three options.

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6 February 2015

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