3 Trade Show Booth Tips To Pull In Customers

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At a trade show, you only get one instant to grab a potential shopper's eye and drum up some business. A bland, easily overlooked booth can eventually cost you a lot of business and some possible future contacts as well. Trade shows rely on a wide variety of vendors to help bring in business and dazzle the public. It is crucial that your booth can not only catch attention, but also give people an instant idea of what your booth is all about—even when those people are across a room. Trade show booth design is the key to pulling people in. Here are some tips to make your booth stand out from the rest.

Think Big

While you may be wanting to keep your booth decorating costs down, you have to look at anything you buy for your booth (such as a stereo or décor) as an investment. The better, bigger and brighter your props, the more attention they will garner and thus, more potential business. In the trade show business, it's best to go big or go home!

Get Creative

You want your booth to stand out and be absolutely unique to customers. The very last thing you want is for your booth to look just like everyone else's. This means that you might need to add a bit of "weird factor" to your booth just to give you that individuality. Glue googly eyes to your cash register, or add mannequin heads with plants sprouting out of the tops – anything strange enough to make people stop and look twice. However, remember that offensive displays are still offensive. Weird should only mean bizarre, not vulgar. Keep your audience in mind when selecting your display tidbits.

User Friendly

While you may be restricted by the size of your booth in some cases, as much as possible set up your area to be user friendly to customers. Keep the central area open and do not clog up the walkway with your extra displays. When you are setting up your wares, pretend you are the customer, strolling through the booth. What feels comfortable and convenient for you will feel the same for your customers.

However, make sure the booth set-up is friendly for you as well. Make sure you can keep an eye on your goods, your register and your customers at all times in your booth.

Use these three simple tips and you and your customers can get the most out of your booth! For more information, contact a company like AD-EX International.


6 March 2015

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