4 Signs Your Relative Needs Home Nursing Care

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Sending a relative to a nursing home can be a difficult thing to do, but this isn't necessarily your only option. If they insist on remaining at home, you can get home nursing care. Deciding when is the right time is usually the biggest decision to make. Here are some signs that your relative needs home nursing care.

Your Loved One Has Had Multiple Accidents

If your loved one has gone to the hospital multiple times in a short period of time due to slip and fall accidents at home, it is probably time for home care. They could be having a hard time managing everything on their own, which is how these accidents happen in the first place. Instead of taking the risk, it is better to have a trained nurse in their home at least a good portion of the day to help them with daily tasks and provide medical care when it is needed.

They Have Alzheimer's or Dementia

Alzheimer's disease and dementia can both affect the memory and brain function of your loved one. They might forget about important things and are a danger to themselves and sometimes others. Many people adjust in the early stages, but when Alzheimer's advances, they will need someone at home to care for them. If you have a grandmother with Alzheimer's who hurts herself, is paranoid or has a lot of angry mood swings, you should have nursing care at home for her.

Wandering Is an Issue

This is a big warning sign that your relative should not be left alone. If they have wandered off, whether they were found quickly or not, you need to have someone there with them during the day. This could be a registered nurse if they also need medical care at home, or a home health aide that watches them and provides basic care. Either way, if they are even at risk for wandering outside their home, they could get lost or injured.

They Are Recovering From an Illness or Injury

If your loved one has just returned home after suffering a long illness or an injury, they will need home nursing care. It may only be temporary, depending on how their health is overall. The home nursing aide will provide physical therapy, administer medications, and help them with things like running errands and clothing, bathing and toileting them. These things can be difficult for a senior to do after having surgery.


5 May 2015

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