Make Decorative Frames To Display Flags In Your Classroom

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Teach your history class about specific flags that represent the countries in the world, including the American flag. Purchase small, polyester flags and place them in decorative frames before hanging them up in your classroom. The following steps will teach you a couple, creative ways to do this. Your classroom will be originally decorated after you finish hanging them.

Use The Following Materials

  • basic, wooden frames
  • newspaper
  • metallic spray paint
  • self-adhesive rhinestones and gems
  • acrylic craft spray

Use Patriotic Paint

Add Metallic Paint

Place the wooden frames on a table that has been covered with newspaper. Apply metallic spray paint to the surface of each frame, using a color that is part of each country's flag. Apply the paint as evenly as you can. The paint may take a couple hours to dry. Add a an additional coat of paint if some parts of the wood are showing through the first coat.

Apply Embellishments And Sealer

Apply self-adhesive rhinestones and gems to the surface of each frame, using more colors that are present on each country's flag. Peel the embellishments that you would like to use off of the paper backing. Place them in various parts of the frames and press them down to secure them. Spray a coat of acrylic craft spray over each frame's surface. The spray will prevent the paint from fading or peeling. Allow several minutes for the craft spray to dry before handling the frames.

Decorate With Colorful Yarn

Use The Following Materials

  • newspaper
  • bowl
  • yarn (several thicknesses and colors)
  • glue
  • thin paintbrush
  • scissors

Apply Pieces Of Yarn

Cover a table with newspaper so that glue does not get on the surface. ​Cut pieces of yarn that are different colors and thicknesses. Choose colors that are present on each country's flag. Pour some glue into a bowl. Apply glue to the back of the pieces of yarn that you select. Attach them to the wooden frames by pressing them onto the surface. Place the pieces of yarn next to each other so that there aren't any spaces between them. Wait for the glue to dry before picking up any of the frames.

Frame The Flags

Use The Following Materials

  • picture hooks
  • screwdriver
  • measuring tape
  • flags

Place The Flags Inside Of The Frames

Place the flags inside of the corresponding frames, making sure that each one is straight and wrinkle free. Attach picture hooks to the walls with a screwdriver. If you would like all of the flags to be displayed at the same height, use a measuring tape to assist. Hang up the finished frames on the walls of your classroom. The framed flags will be be pleasant to look at and will help your students learn about each country's flag. To purchase flags of your own, contact a local outlet, such as Waterloo Flag & Flagpole Company.


20 May 2015

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