Going Out With A Bang: 3 Explosive Ways To Distribute Your Loved One's Cremains

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Are you looking for a unique way to honor your loved one's memory by distributing their cremains in a truly unforgettable way. If so, the three explosive ideas outlined below could be just the solution you have been looking for.

A Once In A Lifetime Fireworks Display

Was your loved one a fan of fireworks or are you simply looking for a beautiful and symbolic way to distribute your loved one's ashes over a large area? If so, you can have a portion of their cremains made into live fireworks that can then be put on display for you, your family, and friends. This is made possible with the help of very specific pyrotechnic companies that have the capability to mix your loved one's cremains with the explosive ingredients used in fireworks.

It is important to note that the same laws that apply to setting off traditional fireworks will apply to the discharge of these special fireworks. In order to ensure your celebration is not soiled by an untimely fine, it is always best to check with local authorities before setting off any fireworks.

A Final Hunting Trip

If your loved one was an avid hunter or gun lover, this explosive idea could be the perfect way to honor their memory. Rather than simply allowing your loved one's cremains to sit in an urn on top of your mantel after their cremation services, you can have a portion of these remains packed into ammunition which then be kept or used on your next hunting trip.

The ammunition which is created using your loved one's cremains is just as dangerous as traditional ammunition. Consequently, while this idea is a great way to share one final hunting trip with someone you love, it is important to always store any unused ammunition in a safe place where it cannot be accessed by children or exposed to extreme heat.

An Explosive Rebirth

When geysers explode from the incredible water pressure that builds beneath the ground, the resulting experience is nothing short of breathtaking. While it is extremely difficult to predict exactly when a geyser will explode next, it is possible to detect the seismic activity that allows scientists to identify active geysers. By choosing to bury your loved one's cremains near an active geyser, you can allow their ashes to be naturally distributed in a symbolic rebirth the next time the geyser comes to life. Just be sure to check with the local wildlife department in order to ensure there are no restrictions against the burying of cremains in the area surrounding the geysers in your area.


3 June 2015

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