Who's Helping Whom?: The Benefits Of Animal Care On Seniors


There is no doubt that animals can have a calming effect on the people who love them. One assisted living facility recently discovered that the effects can be profound when its residents began to foster kittens with a local animal shelter. Staff members claim that having the kittens around has been incredibly beneficial for the home's residents. Here are many of the benefits for seniors who spend time with animals.

1 - Animals (especially cats) are calming.

A recent study suggests that simply watching cat videos can have a calming effect on the individual. Don't feel guilty about enjoying the antics of Lil' Bub on your lunch break. People who spent time watching cat videos two or three times a week could actually be relieving stress. Can you imagine how much your level of stress is affected when you are actually interacting with one?

2 - Owning a pet opens doors for social opportunities.

Many seniors report that pet ownership allows them to interact with others who also love animals. Walking the dog outside or simply playing with a kitten in the common room facilitates physical activity and conversation. Plus, pets themselves are built-in companionship.

3 - Pet ownership may lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

The benefits of owning a pet are not all emotional. In fact, Psychology Today suggests that pets could be more effective than heart medicine. Cat owners, according to this study, were dying significantly less from heart attacks and other types of heart disease than those without cats. Additionally, cat owners may experience fewer strokes than those who do not own cats.

For those with dogs, the physical activity of going for a walk, no matter how small, are extremely beneficial. This small bit of exercise can help seniors stay active.

4 - Pets can help fight depression.

In providing a sense of purpose, pets can save seniors from feelings of depression and isolation. It is common for those living in assisted living facilities to miss being able to nurture their children, spouse, or other loved ones. The pet provides a sense of purpose. Taking the time to groom your pet and play with it can significantly improve your mood in just a few minutes.

While not all assisted living facilities allow pets, many seniors can still benefit from spending time with animals. Visiting family pets or volunteering at animal shelters can benefit the senior and the community.

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23 June 2015

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