Trade Show Tips: How to Ensure Your Booth Attracts the Crowd

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Those general, static booths at trade shows are extremely boring. More often than not, when you come across these types of booths at trade shows, there aren't many people around and the staff member are actually sitting in the chairs designated for attendees and playing on their smartphones. At a trade show, your booth is your marketing campaign. It needs to always be functioning, conveying information and attracting potential leads. Here are a few ways to stop people in their tracks, deliver your message and generate those leads:

1. Bring Social Media into the Picture

Some companies will opt to have giveaways at their trade shows. If you decide to go this route, consider making the attendees earn the giveaway. Rather than simply writing their name on a piece of paper and throwing it into a bucket, consider making them use social media to become part of the giveaway. For example, your giveaway may only be eligible to those who hashtag something about your booth or your company. This can easily turn that one lead into hundreds when it reaches the masses of social media.

2. Create a Full 5-Senses Experience

When developing your plan of attack, consider using your company's branding, awareness and perception to reach all five of your attendees' senses. You should allow them to see, hear and feel your message or product in action. For example, if your company actively raises money for the Humane Society or volunteers at the food shelter, incorporate those things into your overall theme. For taste and smell, you can offer free snacks, treats, and drinks at your booth. Some excellent ideas include coffee, tea, freshly baked cookies, and popcorn. You can even use peppermint candies. Just don't forget to make sure that those treats are branded with your company logo. With a full, 5-senses experience, your company and its brand will be etched in their memories for quite a while.

3. Provide Your Attendees a Place to Relax

Spending hours on end at trade shows can be exhausting. Every once in a while, it can be nice to sit down. That's all good and well for the attendees, but not you or your staff. For your potential customers, though, you should consider offering plenty of comfortable seating, cool and calm colors, and dim lighting. A calming aroma like some lavender or vanilla, can help your audience relax and may be the perfect time to show them your prepared video and really grab their attention.

By following the aforementioned tips, you are much more likely to attract massive crowds to your trade show exhibit rental. Further, it will be your booth that they remember at the end of the day because you made an impression.


27 July 2015

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