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If it seems as if few people read the spam emails that come to even the newest email box right away; it is time to remember that the direct mail system is still a profitable endeavor. Recent evidence has suggested that the act of coming into physical contact with direct mail can often result in an emotional response. An emotional response of any type is generally better than a mass removal of sales and promotional emails, so direct mail is still an ideal option for marketing your product or service.

The Benefits Of Direct Mail

It is easy to say that direct mail is more expensive, since theoretically email is free to send. The truth is obviously that you still have to pay someone to produce, send and update those forms. In addition, your computer system may need to be modified to meet your specific needs. and that is a lot of work for email that so many people never really look at. 

You are probably already aware that there are other benefits available to direct mail clients, including:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Date-specific delivery
  • Sizing options for delivery            

Essentially, direct mail allows you to send the packages, papers, postcards or other mailings, including samples, to the future clients of your choice. You can do so for an affordable rate and if appropriate, can also designate certain addresses to receive different samples. When time is of the essence, you can also make sure that the direct mailings you ship out will arrive at the proper address at the right time. 

Direct Mail Is An Industry--Not A Fad

It is also a good idea to remember that direct mail has proven its success over the years. However, it has evolved extensively during that time, as evidenced by the fact that specific marketing of existing products and services is now so commonplace.  It is no coincidence when an older person moves into a new home and soon receives discount offers for vitamins, dog-walking or house-cleaning. 

By targeting specific people with the right type of direct mail, it is very possible to save money on both customer acquisition and retention. It is also useful to note that nearly ¾ of Americans in a recent poll have established a preference for direct mailings.  

In conclusion, direct mail has established itself as a normal aspect of life for many people for many years. As a result, it is only logical to assume that it will continue to do so in the future.  

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6 August 2015

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