Why You Need To Verify The Training And Licensing Of Your Guards

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After a shooting at a recruiting office, armed civilians have volunteered to provide security. However, the Pentagon discouraged civilians from guarding recruitment centers and any company or organization that relies on unlicensed armed security, including armed civilians, to guard a property can open the business up for liability concerns. Still, armed security guards are often crucial, depending on the nature of your business. Fortunately, you can make sure that your organization is adequately defended by hiring licensed armed security personnel.

Understand the Restrictions on Unlicensed Armed Security

Depending on the state, the security company can be charged with operating an unlawful armed security company and the personnel may also be charged with the unlawful use of a weapon. Not only could your business be fined, but if you are badly in need of armed security, the security services could be disrupted if the unlicensed security firm is prosecuted. Hiring armed security is considered to be an inherently risky activity that can lead to you having vicarious liability. Therefore, you must follow the proper hiring process when hiring an armed security guard or security firm.

Learn About Licensing Requirements for Your State

Find out what the licensing requirements are for armed security personnel in your state. Some states do not require licenses, but you will still want to select a firm that only uses licensed guards. States like Oklahoma and New York have rigorous training requirements, while states such as Colorado and Nebraska do not have licensing requirements.

Perform a Background Check

In addition to determining if armed security holds a license, you will need to perform a background check if your state does not prevent those barred from owning a gun from becoming an armed security contractor. This loophole can lead to those with a criminal background still possessing a firearm when operating as an armed security contractor. If you are hiring a firm, make sure they perform criminal background checks on all of their employees. You should also consider performing a mental health screening after consulting with an employment lawyer.

Learn About the Firearms Training Program Provided

Make sure that the armed security guards have undergone the most rigorous firearms training program available. While some states might have lax minimum requirements for firearms training, most armed security firms will place higher firearms training standards on employees. Besides discussing training standards, make sure you also understand other policies such as when the firm allows for armed security to draw their weapons or use lethal force. For more information, visit a security service, such as http://www.ssnwhq.com


23 August 2015

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