3 Fresh Trends In Public Speaking

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Hiring a speaker can be the most complex part of organizing an event. You will be reviewing demonstration materials, checking references, negotiating fees, and more. When it comes to choosing the right speaker, it helps to know what to look for. The face of public speaking is changing, and you need to be aware of the new styles in public presentations that you should be looking for when reviewing various speakers. Take a look at some of the new trends in public speaking that you should be aware of.

More Tech

While slideshows are by no means gone, speakers are incorporating more and more tech into their presentations in order to engage with an increasingly tech-savvy audience. Event apps that allow the audience to access additional material or participate in the presentation are becoming more and more prevalent. Devices like smart watches or smart glasses even allow for hands-free audience participation in real time.

When you're reviewing possible choices for speaker, you should be looking for speakers who are comfortable and confident with the latest tech and who use these devices to great effect during their speeches.

More Casual

Perhaps in an effort to connect more fully with the audience, public presentations have become far less formal. Speakers dress more casually and conversational language has replaced the more formal language usually associated with a lecture. Even the layout of the room reflects this change. Speakers spend less time behind a podium. Some even eschew the stage or podium all together in favor of speaking from the middle of the room or walking through the audience.

Depending on the tone of your event, you may want a more formal speaker. But it's still a good idea to choose one who is skilled at handling more casual events and interacting and engaging with the audience on their level.

More Extras

Need to fill some space in your event schedule? If so, you want a speaker who will do more than just speak. Many speakers offer optional extras like book signings, video trailers, question and answer sessions, and meet-and-greets with small crowds.

Often, these extras are mutually beneficial for you and the speaker. You get some extra activities to pad out your event calendar, and the speaker gets to promote their materials and services. Some speakers may even give you a discount if you allow them to bring and sell their own promotional materials.

A speaker that's using these tactics to engage with the audience will provide a fuller and more successful speaking experience, and you'll get the credit for knowing just what to look for in a speaker for your event. 


2 November 2015

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