How Dark Is Too Dark For Tint?


When you are planning to add window tint to a vehicle, one of the major concerns is the darkness of the tint. There are two main considerations to take into account - state laws on the darkness of the tint, and your particular needs.

State Laws on Tint

Each state has set laws regarding the maximum allowed darkness of window tint. You can visit your particular state's website for more information, or you can check out several handy guides that are online. It is important to get the correct information directly from your state or from a reputable source; don't rely on word-of-mouth or second-hand information when you are trying to determine what level of tint to apply to your windows. You should also have your window tint applied by a reputable tinting company. These companies are very familiar with your state's laws governing the permitted darkness of window tint and how it can be applied.

Personal Needs

It is also important to get window tint that meets your particular needs. You may want a level of tint that complements the look of your vehicle - nearly every vehicle looks great with darker tint. You also want to consider your own personal needs. Are you looking for tint to keep the sun's harmful rays from damaging your skin or your car's interior? Maybe you need tint to keep your vehicle cooler during blistering hot summer days. For these reasons, you may opt for darker tint. However, you should also consider your own eyesight and vision - some vehicle owners opt for the darkest tint allowed by law, only to regret their choice later when they find that they are unable to see well at night and during inclement weather. 

Other Considerations

Many states make provisions for drivers with certain optical issues. With a note from a doctor or written waiver on a state-provided form, a driver can obtain tint that is darker than the legal limit. These provisions are generally made for drivers with great sensitivity to light or other eye problems that are exacerbated by bright sunlight. Drivers who are caught with tint that is darker than the legal limit, without the proper paperwork, can be fined heavily or even made to remove the tint immediately upon being noticed by a police officer. Again, it is important to consult your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to learn the rules and regulations that apply to your particular state. To learn more, speak with a business like Quality Custom Window Tinting.


3 February 2016

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