How To Use Banner Stands To Present An Outdoor Movie, Business Presentation Or Infomercial


If you have ever wanted to do an outdoor movie or create an outdoor presentation for your business, you may have been wondering how you could accomplish this. You do not need to be "tech savvy" to set up an outdoor screen, nor do you necessarily have to know how to work modern projectors either. To get started, here are some tips on how you can use banner stands as part of the screen setup. 

Different Types of Banner Stands for Different Screen Widths and Affects

There are different types of banner stands, and each kind can have a different effect on your movie, infomercial or outdoor presentation. For example, an accordion-style, fold-up banner stand expands to create a singular, wide support onto which you can stretch and attach an opaque cloth as a screen, or an actual, portable film screen. If you want to run two or three projecters at the same time in order to get a "montage effect," you can purchase and use the needed number of narrower banner stands and screen cloths an set these stands up so that they are side by side in a row.

Setting up Your Chosen Banner Stand

Many banner stands are collapsible, retractable or telescoping, which means they can easily be transported and then pulled up, open or expand to their fullest width. Some stands, like the telescoping style, may need some assembly so that the side bars lock into position and the screen you attach to them is secured to the bottom and top bars. Collapsible styles, like the widescreen accordian style, easily pull up and stretch out and then just need to be locked into place. The retractable types are similar to roller shades-they have a snap-back-into-closed position feature which makes set up and take down very quick, and the screen or banner you attach to these often rolls up with the retraction action. 

Choosing and Setting up Your Projector

If you are using an old school slide projector, be sure all of your slides are loaded in the carousel tray correctly before you plug in your projector and position it to project your images on the screen(s). If you are using a digital/computerized projecter, you will need to use your laptop to create your slide show in a video creation and editing program and then bring up the slide show before you connect the digital projector and get the show going. If you are presenting a full-length movie outdoors, the DVD drive in your laptop needs to have the movie in it and the program itself needs to be open onscreen before you start the digital projector. Once it all starts, you only have to position the projector so that it is projecting your movie, images or infomercial onto the screens as they are supported by the banner stands.


10 March 2016

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