What Types Of Printers Are Used For Printing Customized Vinyl Stickers, Decals And Signs For Businesses?

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Many businesses use custom made stickers and decals for advertising services on company vehicles, labeling sale items and decorating business building windows for special promotions. Custom made stickers and decals are great for catching the attention of potential customers and can be easily changed and removed. When making customized stickers and decals, it is important to have the right type of printer that will give you the best results. These are the different types of printers that can be used to print custom made stickers and decals.

Desktop Inkjet Printers 

Desktop inkjet printers are ideal for small printing jobs or printing only a few stickers or decals at a time. The vinyl used for printing stickers on this type of printer is normally available in sheets that are the same size as regular printing paper. Desktop inkjet printers can produce high quality stickers or decals that are ideal for business use.

Standard printer ink can be used for this type of job and the ink usually dries quickly. However, if you want to display your stickers or decals on the outside of windows or doors, it is a good idea to allow extra drying time so that full water resistance develops properly.

Large Format Inkjet Printers 

For printing larger business signs, a large format inkjet printer can be used. These printers produce high quality lettering and other designs on vinyl material that is roll-fed into the printer. As the vinyl is printed, it will need to be laid out flat and allowed to dry thoroughly. For extra large vinyl signs, it is also a good idea to expose them to a LED lamp that will dry and cure the ink.

When printing on transparent vinyl stock, you can also use white ink to give your signs a white background behind your letters and designs. If the vinyl stock material is perforated, it will still have visibility so that one can easily see through it if the sign is displayed on windows of business offices or vehicles.

Laser Printers 

If you do not have an inkjet printer, a laser printer can also be used to make customized vinyl stickers, decals and signs. Although, extra time may be needed to allow for drying time so that your graphics do not smear. Just be sure to use vinyl materials that are labeled for laser printer use.

For inkjet printers, the adhesive may already be applied to the back of the vinyl material that is used. However, vinyl materials that are used for laser printers may need to be coated on the back with sticker adhesive to ensure they are held in place once they have dried and are being displayed. Be sure to use a high quality adhesive so that it can be easily peeled away when you want to remove the decal from your windows or doors.

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29 March 2016

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