Your Copier Might Not Be Secure: Protecting Data

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A digital office copy machine might store thousands of files. If these files contain sensitive information, it is possible that a hacker might be able to gain unauthorized access to these files. The best time to think about security is when you purchase a new digital copier because there are some features you can purchase that can make your copier more secure. But beyond that, there are also other steps you can take to protect your data after you have purchased a digital copier.

Determine Where The Data Is Stored

Find out if the files are stored on a hard drive. Some digital copiers do not have a hard drive and some have multiple. Whether the copy machine stores files depends on the specific brand. Some copy machine brands do not store files as a default.

Consider Purchasing A Safety Kit

Some digital office copy machines come with safety kits that you can purchase. These will encrypt all data, making it even harder for hackers to utilize it. The DRAM, the location memory is stored, is cleared after each use of the digital copier. Also, these kits run automatically in the background.

Wipe The Hard Drive Before Selling Or Returning The Copier

When selling used copiers, you might place the data stored on the copiers at risk. For this reason, you should format the hard drive before selling the copier. Ideally, you should have a policy for formatting the hard drive once a month. When the hard drive has been wiped, it is then necessary to have the firmware replaced to allow for the copier to function.

Determine If There Are Other Places Data Is Stored

Certain pieces of information can be stored in other areas of the copier's memory, such as passwords and network keys. Contact the manufacturer of the copier to determine if there is anything extra that must be done to ensure that the copier is clean.

Control Employee Access

Perform an inventory of the type of information that your digital copier commonly stores. Then, consider the employees whom you have hired or intend to hire. Only give employees whom you trust access to the copier if you frequently store highly sensitive data. Train your employees on the proper handling of all sensitive data.

Double-Check The Internet Password

Copiers sometimes have a web interface that is password protected. Make sure that the password is not left as the default. Keeping your copier secure requires that you be very detail-oriented, but with persistence, you can keep your customer and employee data secure.

Contact a copy machine service for more tips or help.


29 March 2016

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