3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

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When it comes to picking out a storage unit for personal use, there are some key factors to consider. There are probably a handful of storage facilities in your area to choose from. You can use this article to help choose the storage unit that will be best for you and your belongings.

Choosing the Best Location

If you are planning on accessing your unit more than once a month, distance should be your first deciding factor when choosing a unit. Or, if you will only use your storage unit a few times each year, you can consider a storage facility that is farther from your home.

Also consider the location of your storage unit within the facility. If you are going to be accessing your unit frequently, be sure to choose a unit on the main floor. You will need a unit that is car accessible if you will move items in and out of your unit often. You don't want to rely on an elevator or stairs when you are making large hauls.

Choosing the Right Size Unit

It is easy to estimate what size of storage unit you will need. First, gather the items you would like to place into storage and group them together. Take measurements of boxes and large items. Consider how high you are going to stack boxes. You can make a sketch of how you are going to place the items and add the measurements together to get a basic idea. Always add extra space to allow a center isle for accessing items in your unit. You will probably be surprised how quickly you can fill up a large 10'X30' unit.

Finding a Unit in Your Price Range

Now that you have considered all of the options, you will know what type of storage unit to ask for. The first step to finding a unit in your price range is to call all of your local storage facilities and ask for a detailed price list. Ask how long they guarantee their prices will not go up. You can also ask for a year contract with a fixed rate. This is the best way to get a discount on your unit. Some facilities will also offer first month free. Once you have all the information from your local storage facilities, create a estimate of annual cost for each storage facility.

Base your final decision on which of these three factors is most important to you. Choose an appropriately-sized unit in a facility that is in a convenient location and fits your budget.

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9 May 2016

Storage Facilities: Finding the Right One

For a brief time, I found myself between houses. This came about when I sold my old one but the home I was having built was not quite ready. Since the buyers wanted in, I had to place most of my belongings in a self-storage facility. Fortunately, I found one that had everything that I needed. The facility had around the clock security and units that were the right size for my needs. There was even air conditioning to keep my stored items safe from the heat. If you need storage space for a short time, there are specific features you want. Stick with me and you will know what questions to ask before you make any type of commitment to a storage company.