3 Tips To Sell More Country Club Memberships

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Even though you might like the idea of your country club being somewhat exclusive, you could be looking to sign on new memberships. However, you might be unsure of how to market your country club and its memberships to people in the community. Luckily, there are a few ways to do so. These are a few tips that can help you sell more country club memberships.

1. Host Non-Members' Events

One way to get people excited about your country club is to welcome them inside. Consider hosting events that are open to the public, such as by designating a certain day of the week as a public day on the golf course, in which non-members can pay a nominal amount to use your facilities. Another option is to have a "steak night" or another special night of the week when your restaurant is open to the general public. This can encourage people to come and check out your country club without any commitment, which can encourage them to want to join.

2. Offer Various Payment Options

Some people are intimidated by the idea of paying for an entire years' worth of membership at one time. Consider offering various payment options, such as allowing members to pay monthly with an automatic draft from their checking account or credit/debit card. Consider offering discounts to those who pay for an entire year or several months at one time. If people know that they don't have to spend as much at one time, they might be more likely to join.

3. Use Online Marketing

If your country club is still relying on old-fashioned methods of advertising, such as word-of-mouth or even newspaper advertisements, now is the time to upgrade. Social media marketing, for example, is a highly effective means of marketing events, venue rentals and more for your country club. Building a website that highlights the amenities that your country club has to offer -- preferably with plenty of high-quality pictures -- is another wonderful way to get people excited about a potential membership. Provide information about memberships and provide easy contact information so that you can close on those who are potentially interested in joining.

There are a lot of methods that you can use to sell more country club memberships. Give these three options a try, and consider working with a private club consulting firm to get more tips and advice about promoting your country club.


27 May 2016

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