Planning For Your Cremation And Memorial Service: Why Now?

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You may know that the future isn't promised to you, but you might still be reluctant to begin planning for your cremation and memorial service now. Here are a few reasons to do so.

Know the Destination of Your Cremains

There are a number of destinations for your cremains, and planning now can give you the opportunity to examine all the possibilities. You might choose to have your cremains sprinkled around the base of a young tree or the local river, for example, but there are some truly unique choices too. For instance, your cremains can be launched into space. You might choose to have your cremains turned into diamonds that can then be distributed among your children. Being able to make a decision about your cremains might give you a sense of peace, as you will know what will become of your body.

Open a Dialogue with Family Members

Your family might be reluctant to talk about your passing away, but your plans can be a way to open a dialogue about the situation. You might even want to start discussing what you will do with your money and belongings so that no one is shocked or surprised after your death. It is particularly important to share the news that you want to be cremated, if they don't know. Preparing everyone beforehand allows them to ask you questions and get used to the idea of moving forward in this way.

Prevent Overspending

When your family loses you, they will go through different levels of grief. Without any planning on your part, the relatives closest to you are likely to have to make all the arrangements. This can be difficult for them while they are experiencing such deep feelings of loss, and because they cared so much for you, they might spend a lot of money. They may not take the time to look for discounts and deals for flowers, urns and arrangements for a memorial service, if only because they are grieving.

You can help them save their own pocketbook by taking control of the planning for your cremation and memorial service. While you are alive, you can seek out different crematoriums to compare costs, select your urn or save for the launch of your cremains into space. This will relieve pressure on your family and friends and is likely to save them some money as well.

Planning for your cremation and memorial service can help you prepare yourself and the ones you love for the inevitable. Visit crematoriums in the area to ensure that you have done everything necessary while there is time to do so. You can also check out a site like


16 June 2016

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