Tips for Making Your Programming Resume Stand Out

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If you are trying to get a job in the tech world as a software engineer, as a web developer, or in another role that involves coding, you are going to need an outstanding resume in order to ensure that the best companies want to hire you. Here are some tips for writing your resume so that you stand out in the crowd and get interviews with the companies of your dreams.

1. Spend Space on Personal Projects

Your first step is to spend some of your precious space on the front of your resume on personal projects. This is especially true if you don't have a ton of experience yet and are still in school or are self-taught. You want to put what the project was called, a brief description of the project, and then what you specifically did on the project. Finally, be sure that you include the languages, APIs, software, and other technology that you used to create the project. This will show that your desire to learn goes beyond the classroom and that you spend your own time working on projects. You want to show that you are passionate about programming because companies want happy employees who are going to like the work that they do.

2. Make Your Resume Readable for Both Humans and Machines

Your next step is to go through your resume and make the specific languages, technologies, and APIs that you know how to use stand out from the rest of the text on your resume. This could mean italicizing those terms, making them bold, or underlining them. You want to include those terms so that if your resume gets run through an automated checker, you will be able to catch the checker's attention and ensure that you make it through the automated check. You want to make those terms look different than the rest of the text in order to draw a recruiter's eyes to them and increase the chances that the recruiter will find the specific skill that he or she is looking for, increasing the chances that you get an interview.

3. Consider Making an Online Version

Finally, consider making an online version of your resume that is able to highlight some of the projects that you have actually finished. Have the link to the online version clearly labeled on your resume in order to encourage people to go to the site. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in helping people write top-notch resumes, such as an executive resume services company. 


5 July 2016

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