Storage Units – A Tool For Your Growing Business


The rewards of owning a small business can be great. Unfortunately, you will likely face some struggles. One problem that many small business owners run into is a lack of space. Needing to keep overhead low while maintaining the ability to store everything that you may need can cause things to get a little cramped and unorganized. Your storage problems can quickly be resolved with nothing more than leasing a storage unit.

That storage unit can provide your growing business with the space you need to continue the growth until you reach a level in which you feel confident and comfortable investing in a larger space for your business.

Could restrictions prevent you from utilizing a storage unit?

Depending on the type of business that you run, you could run into a few problems with restricted items in the storage unit. For example, if you run a landscaping business and hope to store your gas-powered equipment, you may need to check with different storage facilities to find the ones that will allow you to store that type of item in the unit.

Another type of item that may cause some difficulties when looking for a unit is perishable food items. If you sell things like canned foods or wine, you may also have to call around to find the facilities that permit the storage of them.

Prior to signing a lease, read through the lease entirely to ensure that the items that you plan to store aren't restricted in that particular facility. If you question the type of item, make sure to ask and get the permission in writing to prevent any confusion in the future. You don't want to be stuck in a lease for a unit that you cannot use the way you would like and need to.

Is package acceptance service something that you would need?

Some storage facilities have staff on-site during business hours. These facilities sometimes offer package acceptance services. This means that you could have packages delivered to the facility and not have to worry about missing a delivery at home or having to transport the package from your home to the storage unit.

When the package is accepted, it will either be held for you or placed in the storage unit for you. If the packages are to be placed in the unit, you will need to provide the staff with a copy of the key.

Talk with your local storage facilities to learn if you have found a way to grow your business without investing in a larger space to operate from. This method of expansion will help you to stay organized and give you the space you need to succeed. Check out a site like to learn more about a storage unit facility.


22 July 2016

Storage Facilities: Finding the Right One

For a brief time, I found myself between houses. This came about when I sold my old one but the home I was having built was not quite ready. Since the buyers wanted in, I had to place most of my belongings in a self-storage facility. Fortunately, I found one that had everything that I needed. The facility had around the clock security and units that were the right size for my needs. There was even air conditioning to keep my stored items safe from the heat. If you need storage space for a short time, there are specific features you want. Stick with me and you will know what questions to ask before you make any type of commitment to a storage company.