About Storing Craft Supplies In A Self-Storage Unit

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Have you decided to take your hobby of creating crafts to the level of earning money from it? If you need to invest in a large quantity of supplies and have no place to store everything, perhaps a self-storage unit will resolve the problem. You will then not have to worry about your house becoming cluttered with inventory. This article contains helpful information that can help you come up with a good plan for keeping your inventory in a self-storage unit.

Figure Out Which Type of Storage Unit Is Needed

There are several different types of storage units that you can choose from. Some of them will even give you the ability to keep the temperature set at a specific level. You should make sure the unit rented is based on the type of materials that your craft supplies are made of. For instance, storing wooden craft items in a storage unit that isn't climate controlled can cause them damage. You don't want certain materials placed inside of a unit that becomes excessively cold or hot.

Come Up with a Storage System for the Unit

You don't want to simply place your inventory items in boxes before they are stored in the unit. You must think about organization, as the items will have to be accessed as you create different crafts. You can create a storage system of shelves and stackable bins that will create an organized environment in the unit. Putting a storage system in place will also leave you with more floor space for walking around in the unit. You can then access supplies without have to cross over boxes to do so.

Determine How Often Inventory Will Be Added

You must determine how many crafts are likely to sell to customers before renting your storage unit. You will then have a general idea of how often you will need to restock your inventory, or expand what is already stored away. Make sure you rent a unit size that can accommodate your present and future inventory needs, especially if you predict a lot of business.

Make Sure the Rental Fee Is Easily Affordable

It is common for a self-storage unit to be charged by the month. Keep in mind that you can lose possession of your items if you don't keep up with payments. Rent a unit that can easily be afforded based on your income. A 5x5 unit begins at as little as $40 per month. A 10x15 climate controlled unit starts at over $100 per month. For more information, talk to a professional like Midwest Moving & Storage Inc.


15 September 2016

Storage Facilities: Finding the Right One

For a brief time, I found myself between houses. This came about when I sold my old one but the home I was having built was not quite ready. Since the buyers wanted in, I had to place most of my belongings in a self-storage facility. Fortunately, I found one that had everything that I needed. The facility had around the clock security and units that were the right size for my needs. There was even air conditioning to keep my stored items safe from the heat. If you need storage space for a short time, there are specific features you want. Stick with me and you will know what questions to ask before you make any type of commitment to a storage company.