Give Your Car Wash Customers Better Exterior Protection With Vehicle Waxing Services

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If you own a car wash, you can ensure that your customers receive a fresh coat of wax after each vehicle has been cleaned. Car wax can enhance a vehicle in several ways and be applied to and removed from most cars, trucks and other types of vehicles easily. Here are a few good reasons why your car wash should include car waxing services.

A Better Shine

A vehicle's exterior can look shinier and cleaner when wax is used to help make each vehicle look its best. Vehicle paint can look smoother with the right type of wax, which can help enhance the exterior shine even more. Customers may notice a significant difference in the way their vehicles shine after wax has been used and will likely want to return for future services if the job is done correctly. 

Greater Scratch Resistance

Waxing will leave a vehicle's coat with a barrier that can withstand scratches better. Waxing can save vehicle paint from the unsightly marks left behind by key, rock and debris scratches. Scratches from bird droppings and road salt can also be repelled better if car wax has been used. Even if the paint does get scratched, regular waxings can help minimize the appearance of scratches better. Turtle Wax Pro and similar car wash systems offer additional surface protection with their waxes, and using one of these systems for your business can help put you ahead of your competition.

More Protection from the Elements

Rain, mud and other outdoor elements can be repelled better when a coat of wax has been applied. This can help keep your customers' vehicles looking cleaner longer. Depending on weather conditions and how often a vehicle is exposed to the elements, the wax job may last anywhere from three to six months before the exterior needs another waxing. Waxing can also provide better sun protection by helping vehicles repel more of the intense sun rays and reduce the oxidative process that often harms the paint.

Hides Light Damage

Minor paint damage from scratches can often be masked by car wax. When the wax is applied, it can fill in the grooves where scratches are present temporarily to hide the scratches before they can be covered permanently with new paint. People who want to make their vehicles look as nice as possible for special occasions may be more inclined to visit your car wash if you offer waxing services that can hide minor paint damage.

A little waxing can go a long way when it comes to making your customers' vehicles look their best. The right car washing and waxing system, one like Turtle Wax Pro, can help your business run more efficiently and with greater success. 


25 January 2022

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