4 Ways Water Filtration Saves You Money

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Whether you draw your water from a well or have access to piped water supply, the water you consume may have contaminants. Examples of common contaminants in water include germs, dirt, and dissolved minerals. 

You should therefore invest in water filtration and treatment systems. Though most people consider investing in water filtration as an expensive endeavor, it can save you loads of money in the long run. 

Here are four ways water filtration saves you money. 

1. Avoid Water-Borne Diseases

Most water supply lines run underground, where they are susceptible to incurring damages. For instance, tree roots can puncture water pipes resulting in leaks. The damaged sections of a water pipe allow bacteria and germs from the soil to contaminate your water. 

Consuming contaminated water can result in various ailments that force you to spend money on medical treatments. A water filtration and treatment system can filter out the bacteria and germs in your water to ensure you consume clean and healthy water. 

As a result, you get to save money on your medical expenses. 

2. No Need to Buy Bottled Water

Bottled water is an easy solution for people who have no access to clean drinking water. However, buying bottled water can surpass the cost of buying and installing a water filtration system. 

Bottled drinking water costs roughly $9.60 a gallon, and most people can drink about 45.2 gallons of water a month. Hence, in a single month, the total money spent on drinking water comes to about $433.92. In a year, the money you spend on bottled water could amount to $5207.04 

Water filtration systems costs between $1000 and $4000. A water filtration system costs less than what you spend on bottled water every year. Hence, a water filtration system can save you thousands of dollars every year by ensuring your drinking water is clean. 

3. Preserve Your Clothes

Unfiltered water contains several chemicals, sediments, and minerals that damage fabrics. As a result, if you use unfiltered water for laundry, your clothes will wear out more quickly. 

Regularly buying new clothes can become an expensive affair in the long run. Thus, investing in a water filtration system is an ideal solution for removing the chemicals, minerals, and sediments in your water that could damage your clothes. 

Hence, water filtration can help you save money on clothes by ensuring your clothes don't wear out prematurely due to impurities in your water. 

4. Longevity of Your Appliances 

Most people use tap water in their laundry machines and dishwashers. However, sediments in tap water can damage such appliances. Thus, you will have to spend money on appliance repairs. 

A water filtration system can help you avoid such expenses by eliminating the sediments in your water, thus, improving the longevity of your appliances and helping you avoid costly appliance repairs. Look into water filtration in your area for more information.


9 May 2022

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