Amenities To Look For In An Office Space For Your New Company

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An efficient workspace should have certain key amenities to make your employees as productive as possible. Some of these amenities might be a little more obvious than others, but they're all important to consider nonetheless.

If you're looking for the perfect office space for your small business, here are a few amenities to keep in mind.

Employee Break Room

A comfortable place for employees to take their breaks is a must. It should have a fridge, microwave, and enough space for people to sit and relax. It should also include a coffee machine and a water cooler to keep everyone hydrated.

A break room is a great place for employees to socialize and build relationships with one another. It's also a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle by having a space for employees to eat their lunch away from their desks.

If your budget allows, you could even consider adding a TV or ping pong table to make the space more enjoyable. This can be especially useful if you run a 24-hour operation and need to provide a space for employees to relax during their night shift.

No matter what, your break room should be clean and inviting. It should be a space that employees actually want to spend time in and not somewhere they feel like they have to go.

A dedicated break room will show your employees that you care about their well-being and want to create a healthy work-life balance. If your office doesn't have some form of a break room, employees will end up taking their breaks in other places like the restroom or their desks. This is unhealthy and will lead to a decrease in productivity.

So if you can't afford a break room, try to create a lounge area in the office space you find where employees can take their breaks. This could be a corner with some comfortable chairs and a coffee table.

Customer Waiting Area

A waiting area is a great place to showcase your company's branding. It shows that you're professional and care about your customers' experience. It also gives them a place to wait that's comfortable and out of the way of your employees. This doesn't need to be anything too fancy, but it should be comfortable and clean, with some magazines or books that they can read while they wait.

Ask your real estate research service to find an office space that's already tailored to your customer needs. Some office spaces already come with a customer waiting area that you can use. They'll likely have some furniture in place, but you'll want to ensure that it fits your company's image.

If not, try to find an office space that has the potential to be easily converted into a waiting area. This could be a small room near the entrance that you can set up with some chairs and a coffee table.

To learn more, contact a company that offers commercial real estate research services for small businesses.


29 August 2022

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