Three Keys To A Catchy Tattoo Shop Sign

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If you're getting ready to open a new tattoo shop in your city, it's important to choose an experienced custom sign company to design and produce the sign that you'll hang on your building. Many people in the community will see the sign as they pass your shop, and the right sign design may compel people to take an interest in your business—perhaps by walking in, or maybe by visiting your website to learn more. Your shop's sign should feature essential details—such as your company's name and street address—but here are some keys to ensuring that the sign is catchy. 

Stylish Font

A lot of tattoo artists take considerable pride in their ability to tattoo words in different fonts on their clients. Given the important role of fonts in tattooing, it makes sense to have your shop's sign feature a stylish font. While it's important for the font to be simple enough that it's easy to read, a stylish font can send a message to the public that your artists are capable of talented font work. Think of the various fonts that you and your artists have used during your time as tattoo artists, and then choose a stylish look.

Recognizable Symbol

While there are infinite tattoo designs that interest clients, there are certain symbols that share a close link with tattooing. When possible, it's ideal if your sign can feature one of these symbols. A lot of people get floral tattoos, so having some elaborate flowers—roses, for example—appear in one or more areas on the sign can work well. Skull tattoos are also popular, and you may like the idea of having a skull included on your shop sign in some way.


Pinstriping often sends a message that someone cares deeply about the look of something. For example, automobile enthusiasts will often painstakingly apply pinstriping to their vehicles. Pinstriping is also present in tattoos, as many people want pieces that feature stylish lines around the perimeter of their tattoos. As such, it can be a good idea to include pinstriping on your tattoo shop sign. One option is to have pinstriping appear around the border of the sign. Stylishly curved lines, perhaps with small and ornate details wherever the lines meet, will increase the visual impact of your shop sign.

Reach out to a custom sign company to discuss these ideas in advance of opening your tattoo shop.


1 March 2023

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